Underbust Corsets

Underbust corsets are all about the waist. They tend to be a little more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time (such as for waist training) as they are generally considered cooler than an overbust corset and a little easier to move around in. Each one is steel boned and can reduce the waist by up to 2-5 inches from your normal size, depending on the range.
All of our steel boned underbust corsets come with a modesty panel and are lined for a comfortable next-to-skin wear, although you can also choose to wear them over clothing. Fabrics are of the highest quality, with cotton inside and brocade, jacquard, taffeta or other gorgeous choices outside.
Worn over a simple blouse, a corset can make a conservative and boring business suit into an eye-catching, innovative piece of office wear, and an underbust corset can transform a plain day dress into something special, with a distinct vintage flavour. If you've got a once-loved dress that now doesn't fit quite right hidden away in your wardrobe (and who doesn’t), pair it up with one of these and it'll look great again.