Suspender Belts

There really is nothing more feminine and alluring than the image of a women’s lower half decorated in suspenders and stockings. This classic female staple has been completing and enhancing lingerie looks for centuries, and its sexiness has never gone out of style.

A suspender belt, sometimes referred to as a garter belt, has always had connotations of luxury. The beauty of the suspender belt is that it is the epitome of function and beauty. It ensures that your stockings don’t fall down (also typically made from delicate and silky fabrics, making them quite partial to sliding down!) and sit snugly on the upper thigh where they belong. While tights have taken up the mantle as the everyday go-to for leg coverings, there remains something so delectably charming about the suspender and stockings get-up.

At Corset Story, we don’t do things by halves. This is why all of our corsets come equipped with six hooks for separate suspender clips to be attached - though we do appreciate some of you may prefer a more classic look with integrated clips! In short, our corsets are meant to be dressed up and make you feel as captivating as possible - an easy feat, as we make sure with our ‘Shop the Look’ function you won’t have to travel far to put together a stunning lingerie outfit.

To get the most out of your garter belt, a solid fit is essential. When measuring yourself for a belt, the key measurement is that the belt sits comfortably on the lowest part of your waist. It should fit as snugly as a pair of tights. When you’re fastening the suspender straps to your stockings, the straps should hold flat against your skin - it’s important to make sure that they’re not twisted as this increases the chances of them popping out of place.

It’s up to the wearer to decide which style of garter belt to go for, but here’s a couple of quick tips. If you’re looking to spice up your everyday wear, we recommend a slightly wider belt as it will flatten more effectively under clothing and you won’t have any pesky lumps or bumps. A thinner belt is more suited to boudoir activities, or if you just feel like bouncing about by yourself feeling gorgeous! We also recommend that you put on your knickers after fastening all of the clips to your suspender belt, for ease of access, and so you won’t have to re-do all of your hard work each time you have to take your knickers off.

Corset Story offers you garter belt designs from world-renowned brands such as Freya and Pour Moi. Our classic black suspender belts are a great place to start if you’re new to the delights of suspenders and stockings. The look of a black suspender belt is truly timeless, and black is the perfect colour to mix and match other pieces of lingerie of all colours and designs. Enjoy the feel of sexy mesh and lace against your skin, looking every inch as gorgeous as a pretty pin-up gal!