Gothic fashion is a clothing style distinguished by dark, mysterious, elegant and archaic features. The gothic image is unique and original and embraced by flamboyant personalities who enjoy challenging the norm and have the desire to stand out in a society considered too conformist. It has to be said, not every person is courageous enough to pull off Gothic clothing. It's not a style for the faint-hearted. It's a culture and a movement for those who have a desire to eschew the societal norms of beauty and embrace their darkness in all its glory!

Black is the dominant colour in gothic fashion. Still, goths also rock outfits of deep dark colours including purple, burgundy, green and blue. Within the goth subculture, there is a range of styles from neo-Victorian, with gothic corsets and billowing skirts for women, to futuristic cyber goths and fascist chic styles. As "children of the night," they do not wear pastel or bright colours. They stay out of the sun to remain pale and prefer accessories made of white metals or stainless steel. For goths, white is a symbol of the cold deadly light of the Moon. It perfectly emphasizes the mourning Gothic attire and pallor of their faces. Gothic fashion is multifaceted, it's cool, it's intelligent and aristocratic.

Gothic fashion is not a style that should be pigeonholed. Still, a common feature of gothic fashion consists of dyed black hair, black fingernails, dark eyeliner, and black period-style clothing. With both male and female goths often wearing dark eyeliner and dark nail polish. There are several gothic clothing items and fabrics that are directly associated with Gothic fashion. Sumptuous material such as velvet, lace and leather and glamourous pieces including gothic corsets, harness belts and gloves, are common elements.

Corsets have always been lauded by gothic fashion lovers. The time that it takes to put a corset on and adjust properly would not phase gothic fashion fanatics as an average outfit with makeup might take 3 hours to assemble. Gothic corsets perfectly reflect the gothic culture. Effortlessly combining seductive style with antiquated features, the corset allows gothic girls and sometimes men to express their dark side. Goths are also very fond of accessories, such as eccentric hats with a veil and long gloves. Latex, leather or metal chokers are also iconic gothic accessories, as well as a lace or velvet umbrella to protect their pale skin against the suns rays.

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